About denomination of pages: Just fancy this forum as an large and comprising circle of dance. The dancing- place, maybe an ancient castle or beneath a clear starry summer- sky,  is so huge, that the circle absorbs within different little circles. These other circles move for themselves, but are also communicating with their neighbour circles beneath and inside. It may look so:
First Circle: IntroductionAngel Art

Second Circle: Aims of the Forum

Third Circle: Contributions

Fourth Circle: Participators

Fifth Circle: Links to related topics


[The almost same classification you´ll find in our German Forum]

Around that area, there are many, many circles, swinging themselves in the same rhythm. These are all groups and organizings, you visit or teach at home, which are sharing in the whole round. Just as choreography leads us, we will get close, or go for more distance. And high above all dancing circles, the clouds and the winds are moving into a wide open sky, and stars are revolving above us all.

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