This forum is meant for contacts and interchange between participants and group leaders of the Meditative Dance. Included is also the exchange of information, texts, material etc. in the sense of our common aims. But there must be fair play, giving and taking should run honestly and clear. You may use the material printed here for working in your dance circles. But it should be provided always with clear indications, from where you got it. This is actually a case of honour, isn´t it?
For a further going commercial use (e.g. in books or with performances) it always requires the written agreement of the respective authors. It belongs until further notes to our


All rights are reserved, in particular the right of the duplication and spreading as well as the translation. No part of the work may be reproduced in any way (by photocopy, microfilm or another procedure) without written permission of the authors specified in each case. It may not be stored, processed, multiplied or spread also using electronic systems.

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