1st Circle, Welcome !

The forum was planned almost two years before, together with some friends of Meditative Dance / Sacred Dance, as Günter Hammerstein, Tuja Heller  et al.. By personal circumstances there had been some delay. But now - it became reality.
.... The Websites´ intention is to offer a space
  • to visit and discuss and
  • to introduce topics of Med. Dance. to people already practising and teaching it and to those planning to do so and
  • to help coordinating offers & workshops of teachers, who share our idea. 
To get more and detailed essays about Meditative and Sacred  Dance, please read "Kreise Ziehen". It´s the first magazin (in german language) concerning this topic. You´ ll find the adress under our Links.  Your contributions will enrich the forum. Therefore, please, share with our idea and give your good, creative ideas a chance, to dance out to the world of WWW.....

This forum will also be the right space to live and emphasize the peaceful character of Meditative Dance, furthering agreement between people of different nations and civilizations. Forming the circle of dance, we are one. Sacred Dance gives a chance to communicate with that, which is inside all people, even if we don´t know their language.
Therefore this website will also appear in English language. But, translating needs some time, and with my rusty English it will even take some more time... Please, be patient for a while.

Enjoy reading - and maybe we see each other, when circle closes again? Günter HammersteinMatthias Graf - Musik im Dialog, Tuja HellerW.Dörge-Heller

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