...... 2nd Circle: The Middle of Dancing
"...centre, dwelling place of human beeings, surrounded by divine light. "

Meditative / Sacred Dance can´t be thougt without a form of spiritual life, or invocation of the Divine. May it always participate with our dancing!

The forum will also be the right space to live and emphasize the peaceful character of Meditative Dance, furthering agreement between people of different nations and civilizations. Forming the circle of dance, we are one. Sacred Dance gives a chance to communicate with that, which is inside all people, even if we don´t know their language.

Therefore this website will also appear in English language. But, translating needs some time, and, with my rusty English it will even take some more time... Please, be patient for a while. For our work in Karlsruhe/Germany we have listed up the above aspects in the preamble of our association "LebensRäume" [Spaces for Living] : Our aims are

a) cultivating and preserving occidental cultural traditions and imparting them to people
b) meeting with different ethnic groups, nationalities, forms of civilization or beliefs. The association is committed to understanding between people from different nations and to diminishing hate and prejudices against foreigners - and in general.
c) advancing and passing on of a tolerant, pluralistic view of the world and of mankind, by using findings from modern psychology, philosophy and of what we think, that they represent in one way or the other the ideas of the forum.
More about the participants of our Forum and also the imprint  is to find here.

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