Third Circle:  Contributions to our subject
Here contibutions of friends of Meditative Dance are gathered with priority on dance and its experience. Of course, you´ll find here also elaborates touching subsidiary subjects. 
These are musical proposals,  understanding of symbols, texts and interpretations. These all may enrich our dancing. Reviews of books and other matrerial you´ll find at fifth circle...
Here is yet place for much more articles! Some of the announced essays are not published yet in German - consequence of my car accident. Please be patient, I´m working on them. 

Tunes - Words- Backgrounds
series about songs and dances.  [English version]
Short information about all of these contributions. 

Terpsichore  Muse of the Dance [English version]

Weg - Weisungen (Advices - experiences for a dancing way)
Experiences about training and development on a Dancer´s way by Günter Hammerstein 

"Traveling a Holy Journey"
Work out about pilgrimage by Tuja and Winfried Heller

The Birth of Light
Meditative Dance, Circle Dance, symbolic dance according to the Hymnos Akathistos. This is dedicated to Virgin Mary.
English abstract will follow soon

Katas - dancelike beauty, accomplished shape. (under construction)

..... New! The Celtic "Lullaby"
Tunes from another world and their celtic background by W.Heller  English version here under construction 

Angels by Dagmar Krieger
Angels picture on silk with magical attraction. Art, English description will follow

The Song of Gregor
Love, magic, youth´s culture and resistance in Germany during the regime of Nazism.  [Only in german language]

New! Maiden Maleen. English Version under construction
Fairy tale with new conception of dancing. 

Essay of Matthias Graf (in preparation) ... .

..... Yuean Dao - The Round Way
The system of Yuean Dao consists of a combination of Meditative Dance, Circle Dance and exercises from Chinese Taichi - Qigong.  [most contrib. in German]

New! Reynardine, the stranger inside us
an old ballad and its background English version under construction 

Draumkvedet, Dream song of Olaf Asteson, and travels to another world....People who had participated Gabriele Wosiens seminars about Draumkvedet of Olaf Åsteson, would like to get some more information about that. [Only English abstract available]



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