5th. Circle: Links to related topics and material for teachers of dancing groups

In this place we are gathering a little collection of material, which completes and supports the topics of our forum. It implies, that here will be available for you symbols, texts and pictures on Meditative Dance and Sacred Dance, of course by the same conditions, which are mentioned under "Copyright". Ye are also invited, to send some contributions, if you want to share with this.
..... The fifth circle has some very own inhabitants. like the "dream-catcher" in our dancing- garden got some unexpected visit over night. What kind of dreams the little being may have now?
About leafs of salad? 
or beautiful pattered little snails? 
to have wings as a butterfly? 

P.S.: Greetings to Petra, living at this time in London. Dear, do you recognize your fine gift? Greetings also to Birgit/Zurapi in New Zealand and to our American and Canadian friends. 

Maria Gabriele Wosien, our highly esteemed teacher in Sacred dance, has a  website here.
Touchstone Farm

Link will follow

Muses - Links I 
Right: Muses Gallery 

... Tujas Websites about Poetry and Fairy Tales
Poems- pictures- Impressions
All about writing poetry by your own. 

The Sonnets
about writing and understanding sonnets. and the art of writing Haiku

To read and play Fairy Tales in new forms and shapes, 
visit Tujas Website "Enchanted Forest"

About Legends  (description here will follow soon) 

Travelling a Holy Journey, a pilgrimage by Sacred Dance and story telling.

Yüan Dao -  combining western and eastern knowledge and wisdom to a circular path.

..... LIV- Continuation Training
LIV- continuation training combines Meditative Dance, Jeux Sacré, a special kind of Jeux Dramatiques, exercises from Qi Gong + Yuean Dao and psychological basis- knowledge für teachers of groups and seminaries. (German Language) 

Muses - Links II 
Two excellent websites about the Muses. These had been sources we are referring in our article about Terpsichore . Left pic: Circle of the Muses

Mythology  The catchword "mythology" is very often represented in WWW. It proves a new and revived  importance of myths for modern people. Go by yourself on search of myths of mankind.  Very recommandable is the  Homepage of Prof. Ashliman  with a worldwide singular and well-founded collection about mythology, esp. germanic and nordic tradition.

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