On evening as I rambled two miles below Pomroy,
I met a pretty fair maiden, all on the mountains high,
I said my pretty fair maiden, your beauty shines so clear,
Oh it´s on this lonesome mountain, I´m glad to see you here.

She said, kind sir, be civil and my company forsake,
For to my great opinion, I fear you are some rake,
And if my parents knew of this, my life they would destroy,
For the keeping of your company, all on the mountain high.

The pretty fair young maiden, she fell into a daze,
With eyes as bright as amber upon me she did gaze,
Her rosy cheeks, her ruby lips, they lost their former dye,
And then she fell into my arms, all on the mountain high

Well, I had not kissed her once or twice, when she came to again,
Quite modestly she asked of me, kind sir, what is your name?
If you go to yonder forest, the answer there you´ll find,
´Tis writ in ancient history, they call me Reynardine.

I said, my pretty fair maiden, don´t let your parents know,
For if you do ´twill prove my ruin and fate will overthrow.
And if you come in search of me, perhaps you´ll not me find,
But I´ll be in my castle, enquire for Reynardine.

Come all you pretty fair maiden, a warning take by me
Beware of your common ways and shun bad company,
For if you do, you will surely rue until the day you die,
And beware of meeting Reynardine, all on the mountain high...




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