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The Celtic "Lullaby"-  Tunes out of an other World
Lullabies, cradle-songs or slumbering tunes of celtic islands, contain some surprises. It´s not only the fact, that theese pieces are very abled for Meditative Dance by their near to nature rhythm. Lullaby also, by more close consideration, unfolds a statement of transcendental beauty. It becomes an appeal to higher mights, remedy for sorrows, expedient of magical explaining of life. By singing the lullaby, the overcoming of sorrows and recourse to old roots are song and well placed into the soul of childs.  German Version here

The Song about Gregor and the Sorceress
An old Slavic dancing tune, well known as "Domra - song" ("Listen to the Domras spinning subtle threads of silver") becomes subject of totally changed interpretation.  This new sight is fantastic but also basing partically on some real events. The story is encouraging, to leave courses of habitual interpretations, to stand things on their heads, in short, to make thoughtful. (website only in German language)

Tunes of Transition and Passage (in preparation)
"There´s leading ´cross the Main a bridge, built of stone..." - many songs and dancing tunes are treating situations of passage or crossing a river. These are archetypical moments, mostly symbolizing a positive change for an individual human life. But this changes, equivalent to so - called  "rites de passage", may also include dangers, as shows the song of waterman and the like.

Reynardine is a remarkable figure in Anglosaxon and Irish tradition of ballads and songs. A Creature out of another world - half fox, half man - meets a woman by night "all on the mountain high". Reynardine appears fearsome and mysterious by his animal attributes. But he changes by might of love, becomes vulnerable, understandable and .... deeply human. We all carry a kind of outlawed Reynardine in the shadows of our souls.  German Version here.

The Queen of the Chalices - Maiden Maleen
Fairy tale with a new conception of dancing the story.

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