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Invocation of the Muses
particularly of Terpsichore, Muse of dance.

If you are a halfway poetic man, you have to beginn creative writing  always with calling the Muses. So did in ancient times the old singer Homer at the beginning of his Ilias: 

"Tell me now, Muses, Olympic heights inhabiting. 
Godesses indeed. You had been always watching 
and know all things, that happened. 
Tell me abouit the ships of the Greeks and their princes..." 

or similarly, if I remember my school lessons many years ago. But, since I´m only a halfwitted poetic man, my abilities are just good enough for short poems with two or three lines. And compared with the 50,000 verses of father Homer is this not really  very much. I therefore had a serious problem. And at all, does one person call such an invocation simply loud into the sky? Why didn´t old Homer give instructions for such a case? He otherwise told us so many things as possible in a very pleonastic manner. Those few more verses, I needed now for invocation,  would have made nevertheless so much extra effort.
Do we - earthly man - have to write a simple letter to Greece? And above all, what shall I do, if the Muses then really appear and kiss me? How to declare that to my wife? Despite all these doubts I just decided to overtake the first two lines from Homers epos. It always looks well to begin with the ancient Greeks, and there was finally at that time still no copyright. In place of the third line specified above I added simply the words: "which are those participants on the forum ....and when will I get contributions?" Not that I always  would write such banal stuff, but I was scarce with the time. I wanted to place finally our forum in the world wide web, as I had promised Guenter two weeks ago. And there had been still not a single kiss of any Muse!
..... I don´t dare to call this writing a verse, it was a concoction. But during my evening walk I whispered it many times with quiet voice. Quietly, because our neighbours know me already. They would imagine crazy things about me running around and loud speaking to myself. Late in the evening I returned and switched my PC, because I wanted to work a little bit. When I was online, T-Online announced to me: "You received an e-mail! Would you like to fetch it?" Curiously I loaded this new e-mails  from server and opened first an exciting mail, which had on top the re: "We love you". I found no mailtext, but an appendix was enclosed. Stop! Hadn´t there been a warning about this terrible computer virus "I LOVE YOU"? My God, what should I do now? If I would open this appendix,  I would get perhaps a virus, or my PC respectively. But there were still more bad news: If I would not dare to open, perhaps I would miss the chance of my life. And I was anyway now more able to sleep calmly in this night... Therefore I opened the document. It´s content was not completely so dangerous, but also not quite so enticing, how I suspected - or hoped for - had been afraid for? There was written:
Hi, nice to hear from You! If you have any questions, just visit our Circle of the Muses.
You´re always welcome. Or mail us under:
Greetings from all my sisters! Be Blessed & many kisses 
Calliope (webmaster of Helicon_Muses_Net)
That was really a total surprise. But however, the Muses are existing really. A mortal being as me can call or mail them. Still in this same night yesterday, I visited their web page. Now I know where they live and what they do. However my doubts had become rather still stronger. But the best will be, I tell it in sequence. 

By the way -  German readers may not worry about the English language, which Muses are using. In our German circles we had so many years told legends of Angel beeings and about heaven and its inhabitants. Obviously we had the whole time a wrong conception about that all. Now I know, these are "Angel" - saxon. There is still another further very recommendable web page, on which some Muses are living. Here you´ll find more classical representations. (or click on left picture)

The Muse of dance is beautiful and well known Terpsichore. But her dance is rather a movement to the music of Lyra, whith probably very measured steps. But stop! Terpsichore does not dance by herself, she makes human beeings to dance, performing only the part of music. And if I regard her antique, scantilly dress, I forget dancing! Usually she´s carrying a kind of scarf, sometimes only some sunlight on her marvellous body.  All this should of course not be mentioned here and we are strictly discrete, but you´ll find it on page 2 of this Terpsichores web adress. I may now warn my readers seriously: Don´t look at the picture "Song of the Hummingbird", which shows Terpsichore in a very beautiful appearence. Don´t look at this, please, I repeat don´t look! Didn't we want to be meditativ here? Dear Terpsichore, how can I be meditativ anyway, if my opposite looks so good and is moving so beautiful? I may ask my readers now, should we rather call somebody else, more serious Muse? Yes, I believe, we should do so.
Should we turn to Calliope, the Muse of poetry? But she is considered as a special collectoress of hero poems. Nowadays march music would be probably played under her rule. And It is of no good, to sit all day time writing, perhaps even on computer. This is no good model for dancers.
Should I turn evenly to Euterpe, the Muse of lyrics. Now it´s becoming however nearly too low-intimately. Nevertheless I wanted to have already still some movement. Which godess of the arts could I call in addition?
Now I remember Erato, Muse of lovesong. But she would probably be more interested in pop music today than in dancing. And whoever sings today love songs, possibly at night under the Bavarian window, and that already now in February?
Still Polyhymnia remains, the lady of hymnical poetry. She is responsible for the completely large art of poetry. That would become probably somewhat too fastidious for our small forum. 
fear slowly, this whole idea with my invocation of Muses flows into a tragedy... Tragedy! - there we have it: Melpomene - our lady protecting the art of tragedy? Oh no, it must not have such an end with my project. I wanted nevertheless only a little fun and movement here! While I´m sitting completely broken before the PC, suddenly I hear a quiet laughter: Thalia, the ruler and protectoress of comedy,  giggels behind her mask. This Muse finds my situation here really funny... 
Only age-old wise Urania, ruler of circles of celestial spheres and stars, noddes to me contently. It´s like as if she wants to say to us: "It´s beautiful, that your earthly beeings think also once again of the old arts and listen into the large harmony of the sound of spheres.And now dance! And if you do so and you will dance well, we are with you and join your circle....".

O.K., if this works so, I believe we should call them all. 


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