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The Celtic "Lullaby"
Tunes out of an Other World

Abstract - English version 


The celtic lullaby is shown as a multiple dimensioned kind of folk-art, which is not only preparing a well-bred kind of living and behaviour, loyalty and spiritual- mythical background to the child. It proves also as giving a social and psychological impulse to parents, relatives and complete social enviroment. Mainly we are dealing with the so-called „Fairie Lullaby“, a cradle song, which is related to be taught by a fairy to a human being.

A dreamy,  beautiful CD with lullabies you´ll find here
.......... There are many fairy traditions in celtic countries, especially Ireland and Scotland.  Concerning literature and suggestions, I´m very indepted to our friend Daniel Bryant of Clan Campbell.

Rendering English verses to German language in all ways, with sense, rhyme and sound, is very difficult. Just because our languages are very related, a real exact translation is impossible, for English language is more prolific in creating short, mostly one syllabled words and rhymes. 

This maybe the reason, why in German literature there are existing only a few good adaptions from english poetry.
Except the brilliant work of complete Shakespeare edition of F.W.Schlegel (and his team and followers), you find only some picked poetry transferred by H.Heine, St.George and last not least, A. von Bernus. The great translation of Shakespeare gives standards for all future trials to convert English verses to German.

By this reason, I prefer giving a similar rhythm and sound instead of pure literal translation. I beg you to have patience with this simple first attempts.

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